Welcome the Winter Solstice

发布人:孙晓艳  发布时间:2017-12-12   浏览次数:265

On 22nd, December, the School of Pharmacy organized an activity to celebrate “the winter Solstice”. Overseas students and students from the Pharmacy School gathered together to celebrate it by making Chinese dumplings.

        The students of Pharmacy taught overseas students how to make dumplings and through their joint efforts, they made some very nice dumplings which students and some teachers were invited to enjoy.Through this activity, students learned more about Chinese traditional culture and also helped them to better integrate into our college. Report by Sun Xiaoyan, Photos by Zhang shiman

20171222日,我校药学院在解放校区食堂三楼组织“迎冬至包饺子”活动,留学生和广大师生齐聚一堂,一起包饺子过冬。学生向留学生们演示如何包饺子,留学生进一步了解了中国传统文化,有助于他们更好地融入苏医这个大集体之中。(孙晓艳供稿 张世满摄影)