Induction Education

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On September 20, 2017, the International Institute of Education organized an induction programme for the 2017 international students. Departmental Director Ms. Shao made a speech introducing Yancheng and our college to the students. In addition, all the staff of the International Institute of Education said that they would do their best to solve the students’ difficulties in learning and living and to eliminate the stress and anxiety usually effecting freshmen. Report by Sun Xiaoyan, Photos by Zhang Shiman

2017920日,国际教育学院组织2017级留学生的入学教育。部门负责人邵院长盐城市概况、学校的专业设置、学业与学籍管理、考核和毕业等几个方面向学生做了具体介绍;此外,国际教育学院的全体工作人员表示国教院将尽力解决新生在学习和生活中遇到的困难,消除了新生的紧张和焦虑情绪。(孙晓艳供稿  张士满摄影)