Class Meeting on China’s National Day Held by the School of International Education

发布人:孙晓艳  发布时间:2019-09-27   浏览次数:283

      On the afternoon of September 25th, a special class meeting themed on the China’s National Day was held by the School of International Education to all international students. Dean of the school Mrs. Shao Rong served as the host, and the class teachers of the 3 grades attended the meeting.

At the class meeting, Mrs. Shao requested the international students to be aware of personal safety and study during the National Day holiday. She stressed that students who are going out should pay extra attention to travel safety and must return according to the time set by the school. Students who stay in campus should abide by the school schedule, and should not neglect their studies. Subsequently, Zhang Xun, the class teacher, gave a lecture on the stories and short videos competition named “Seeking Dreams in Jiangsu, Givinga thumbs-up to Jiangsu”, and promoted all students to actively participate in the event.

Before the end of the class meeting, all international students watched a short video about the marvelous developing achievements of Jiangsu. International students are amazed at Jiangsu's development over the years. They all expressed their willingness to learn Chinese well and work harder on professional knowledge and skills, and contribute to the friendship between China and their motherlands. (Report: School of International Education)