Sorority Party for 2019 Overseas Students

发布人:孙晓艳  发布时间:2019-11-06   浏览次数:12

On the evening of November 1st, the sorority party for 2019 overseas students was held at the International Conference Center of JSMC jointly organized by the Youth League, the School of International Education and the School of Public Fundamentals.

The party was co-hosted by Chinese and overseas students. Students who participated in performed excellent visual shows including Chinese and English songs, instrumental music performances, Chinese costume dances, short dramas and fashion shows to extend the warmest welcome to the freshers. The overseas students also brought songs, dances and homemade short films to express their expectations for the life abroad and their appreciation for the college. The whole welcome party lasted over an hour and finally ended in a warm and cheerful atmosphere.

At the party, winners of the stories and short videos competition --“Seeking Dreams in Jiangsu, Giving a thumbs-up to Jiangsu” also received their awards from the deans and teachers. And their winning works were shown to all teachers and students. (Report and photograph: School of International Education)