“Storytelling by Students” Episode II

发布人:孙晓艳  发布时间:2019-12-16   浏览次数:10

      In the afternoon of Dec. 11th, all overseas students and Chinese student volunteers gathered under the guidance of the School of International Education for the “Storytelling by Students” episode II.

      In this episode, Kintan Visi Saerang from the 2017 nursing class first shared an exotic folklore of Indonesia “Nine Heroes from Manado”. All others were deeply submerged into the story. Then, Wang Tao from the Clinical Medicine School made an extraodinary presentation of the traditional Chinese fairytale “Chang’e’s Ascent to the Moon”. The overseas students were attracted by the unrestrained imagination of the ancient Chinese. They all expressed their determination in learning Chinese well, and expanding the interaction and exchange between Chinese and overseas students with their own efforts, making a worldwide broadcast of the excellent traditional cultures of their motherlands.